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Sarah K. Stephens  is a developmental psychologist who serves as an Associate Teaching Professor at Penn State University. Her courses examine a variety of topics, including the processes of risk and resilience in childhood, the influence of online media on social and behavioral development, and evidence-based interventions for individuals on the autism spectrum. Although Fall and Spring find her in the classroom, she remains a writer year-round. Her writing has appeared in LitHub, The Writer’s Chronicle, Hazlitt, The Millions, and The Indianola Review. Her debut novel, A Flash of Red (read Chapter 1 here), was released in December 2016 by Pandamoon Publishing. Her newest thriller, It Was Always You, will be released from Bloodhound Books in November 2019.

E-mail: skstephensauthor (at) gmail (dot) com

Sarah enjoys attending Book Clubs and other literary events.  E-mail with your inquiries.

Twitter: @skstephenswrite

Facebook: @sarahkstephensauthor


Publications: Nonfiction

Publications: Fiction

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