Big News!

It seems one can anticipate big news coming for an author whenever they update their author photos, and it’s true. . .I’ve got new author photos and NEWS!

First off, a big thank you to my very talented friend, Peter, for the lovely snaps he did for me to update my own head shot. The one below was my favorite, but my session with Peter resulted in several other photos where I look rather author-ly, and I’ve included them below for fun.


So, the news beyond the fact that my head shot now features me as a brunette?

Here it is:

I’ve signed with the indomitable Bloodhound Books!

They will publish my new novel, the thriller It Was Always You, in November 2019, with two subsequent books coming shortly thereafter. You can read the official press release here.

I am very excited for this next chapter of my writing career, and am grateful to have the opportunity to join ranks with so many other talented authors at Bloodhound Books.

This is my “What do you mean, you didn’t proofread your APA citations?” face. My students may or may not know it well. 🙂

If you’re not familiar with Bloodhound Books, check out their site here. Looking for a thrilling read? All their current books are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in digital and paperback, and most titles also offer audiobook options.

Peter suggested this shot with the puzzle (my family always has one going at our house) as a metaphor for the twisty plots in my books. . .

If new author photos are a must when a new book deal comes through, so is an updated bio. I had a lot of fun writing mine up, and true to form, Bloodhound Books already has it up on their website. They are a crack team of publishing professionals, and collaborating with them so far has been a dream. I can’t wait to see what the next months have to offer, as we work through the final edits on It Was Always You.

And now, back to writing!