What a Winter Break. . .

It Was Always YOU

My newest thriller, It Was Always You, has been out for a little over a month now, and I couldn’t be more thrilled (pun totally intended) with the reviews and responses from readers (Oh, and I also had the perfect excuse to get a new custom t-shirt! #1inMurder).

Murder #1 Again


A few of my favorites:

A lot of twists and turns. First time reading this author, well written. Intriguing characters and the ending is poetic.

Wow, wow, wow is all I can say. I absolutely could not put this book down. Very well written. I got so involved with the characters. Keeping me guessing as to what in the world was going on. I really loved this book. If you like a good psychological thriller, this is a good one for you.”

More twists and turns than a mountain pass in Switzerland! A truly amazing book. The characters expertly crafted, and the psychological elements on the nail, I loved every page and highly recommend this fabulous read.”

Thank you to everyone who has read It Was Always You, and big hugs to everyone who has left a rating or review for it. It cannot be overestimated how much reviews help authors get their books into the hands of future readers, and I greatly appreciate the time each reader took to provide a review or rating on Amazon and Goodreads!

Oh, and just for fun–I couldn’t help but smile at this little bit of feedback on Goodreads:

Props to the author for including a character who uses a Tori Amos ringtone on her mobile phone. I love ‘Cornflake Girl.'”

I am, if nothing else, a Tori Amos fangirl for life.

#1 New Release CanvaMina and IWAY

I’ve included a few other highlights from the last few weeks in this post–what a wonderful ride it’s been so far! And, before you know it, it will be Spring Semester at Penn State.  I’m off to prep my syllabi for the next group of students. The beginning of a new semester always brings with it a sense of anticipation, joy, and excitement. There’s so much to do, to share, and to learn from each other. Here’s to another great 15 weeks!



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