Something came in the mail today. . .

These beauties were waiting for me on my porch when I got home today. Pinch me!


Preorders begin Nov. 25th! Want a sneak peek of It Was Always You? Scroll down to see the back cover, and be introduced to Prof. Morgan Kalson, who’s about to learn that the there’s nothing harder to outrun than your past.

Nothing, that is, except someone out for revenge.

Back Cover











Calling All Thriller Writers: Freakonomics has a few suggestions

Just when you thought the world of podcasts couldn’t get any better, you end up listening to an episode that connects two seemingly disparate parts of your life and you just sit and thank your lucky stars that you live in an age where you can get so much information so easily!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACase in point, the latest podcast from Freakonomics: How to Create Suspense.  Leave it to economists to make our writing even better.

So, if you’re plotting (in the true literary sense, that is, and not the, shall we say, life-imitates-literary-hijinks sense) or just a fan of how data makes our lives better, then check it out.  And, just to keep you in suspense, I’ll leave it at that.