It’s here!! Pub Day for The Anniversary

My third novel, The Anniversary, is now officially available!

“A chilling psychological thriller that will have you glued to your seat!

Wow–one of the best mind-bending, thrilling books I’ve read in a long time!

What a roller-coaster of a story!

The Anniversary--Cover


Until death do they part…

Mary and Jackson are spending their one-year wedding anniversary in a remote luxury cabin. They married after a whirlwind romance, and soon after the wedding, Jackson left for a nine-month work placement halfway across the globe.

Now that Jackson’s back, Mary is determined to make her marriage a success. The trip has a promising start, but things begin to unravel when Mary reveals to Jackson the truth about her past and the secret that drove her family apart.

When a hike results in Mary almost falling to her death, suspicions she has about her new husband rise to the surface. Surrounded by forest for miles, and without reliable phone reception, Mary realizes she is totally isolated with a man she barely knows.

The days of their delayed honeymoon tick by and Jackson’s devotion transforms before Mary’s eyes into something more sinister. As her own mental state deteriorates under the pressure, Mary is left with only one question:

Can she save herself before her husband loves her to death?


Cabin Press Poster

Double-Your-Fun Giveaway!

Heading into the weekend, I discovered that It Was Always You just received it’s 40th review on Amazon (and a 5 star one at that)! To celebrate, I’m holding a Giveaway to win signed copies of my two novels, It Was Always You and A Flash of Red. Review 40.png


To enter, follow my author Goodreads page here by clicking the ‘Follow’ button below my photo. This will enter you into the Giveaway, and also keep you updated when I have writing news to share or when I have a new book out.*


Which reminds me, The Anniversary–my next thriller–has a release date for March 11, 2020 from Bloodhound Books. Stay tuned for more info and the big Cover Reveal!!!

I’ll choose a winner at random on Feb. 7, 2020.

Happy Reading!!

*US entries only for hard copies (since postage overseas can be quite expensive, unfortunately).