It Was Always You

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Praise for It Was Always You:

“With a cast of flawed characters and a simmering plot which explodes in a jaw-dropping series of twists, It Was Always You brilliantly showcases the psychologist author’s intimate knowledge of the human psyche. Gillian Flynn fans—this one’s for you!” – J.L. Delozier, author of International Thriller Award-nominee Type & Cross

“This gripping psychological suspense will keep you guessing at every turn. Get ready for a wild ride that will have you begging for more.”- Dea Poirier, best-selling author of Next Girl To Die

It Was Always You (HighRes)

Love hurts but the truth can kill.

Morgan isn’t sure about her new boyfriend, Justin. Considering the childhood trauma she encountered, Morgan wants to be grateful for the relationship. But a fight with Justin leaves her feeling shaken.

Before the couple go on a romantic weekend trip, Morgan attends an appointment with her neurologist, Dr. Koftura, who has monitored her since an accident she had when she was seven years old. Morgan has a history of sabotaging her romantic relationships and the Doctor is concerned that she is following the same patterns with Justin.

On the day of their trip Justin’s behavior becomes erratic and he runs the car off the road into a tree, killing himself and hurting Morgan.

When she awakens in the hospital to find that Justin is dead, Morgan has little time to grapple with this loss before detectives arrive to question her about the crash.

As it becomes clear that the detectives believe Morgan is responsible for Justin’s death, Morgan must unlock the secrets of her past in order to prove her innocence.

But can she really trust her own mind?

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  • Publisher: Bloodhound Books (November 28, 2019)
  • Publication Date: November 28, 2019
  • ASIN: B081VN77GZ