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Praise for Isolation:

“Another brilliant and gripping book from this author!

“I read this book in one sitting, very cleverly written!“

I enjoyed the twist and turns that kept me turning pages. I highly recommend this book!“

A family in quarantine. A killer among them.

Home should be the safest place, but what if it isn’t?

When a wealthy family goes into lockdown after a vicious virus sweeps the nation, their fragile relationships are put to the test. 

Mark, the invalid father and husband, is a wreck.

The children are scared.

The mother, Brenna, is unravelling.

And when a member of the household staff starts to show symptoms, it leads them down a dark and deadly path.

Will they all get out of lockdown alive?

Or will isolation be the end of them?

Publisher: Bloodhound Books

Publication Date: November 17, 2020