Mindsoak: Teacher’s High

This month, Mindsoak editor, Jon Filitti, asked us to discuss when we feel most alive. Hard question, right? I’m blessed that there are many parts of my life and my relationships that bring excitement, joy, and authenticity to my daily experiences. Since I just wrote a piece for The Millions about my personal life and the necessary difficulties and hard-earned joys on the journey within my marriage, I chose to write about one aspect of my professional life: teaching my undergraduate students at Penn State in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies.

You can read the full essay here.

If you want to read more about my life as a Penn State lecturer (and my incredible students) while also checking out my terrible skills at taking classroom selfies, check out my end-of-semester blog from Fall semester 2016. You’ll see that, as far as future generations go, we are in good hands.

Mindsoak Teaching

Mindsoak: #Fangirl for Perseverance

A new year, a new set of essays for Mindsoak. This year, we are working to organize our essays on particular themes for each month. January’s was–spoiler alert!–about change and renewal. 🙂

I decided to write about Grit and the need to revisit our past goals in lieu of starting an entirely new journey. The fact that it gave me a chance to fan-girl over Angela Lee Duckworth’s research was just a bonus.

You can read the entire essay here.


Curious about Duckworth’s revolutionary work? Her TED talk has almost 10 million views, for good reason. Find out what all the fuss is about below: