Winter Break 2017

The three weeks between Fall and Spring semester have been full of much celebrating, baking, and writing. Here are a few highlights from my time off, as I prep to go back in the classroom next week (and meet my new students, which is always thrilling).


Tried this show-stopper recipe from King Arthur Flour for our Christmas dinner dessert. As with all the KAF recipes I’ve tried in the past, it did not disappoint!


Our children helped us pack up the month’s worth of holiday cookies for friends and family–such a sweet treat. A few recipes to try, when you get a chance:



I also continue to work on perfecting baguettes–which are temperamental in many ways, but delicious nonetheless. I’m moving from awful to mediocre with my shaping technique–practice makes perfect, right?


Speaking of all things baking, hubby gifted me with another set of classes at Gesine Bullock-Prado’s Sugar Glider Kitchen. Check out her assortment of classes here. They are a treat for any baker, from novice to expert.

fourth novel

Oh, and I finished the first draft of my fourth novel, It Was Always You.

On tap for 2018–lots of editing, with some baking diversions thrown in, of course!

Happy New Year!


Mindsoak: Baking for Renewal

Mindsoak’s theme this month is renewal and, given my penchant for all things flour and pastry (and my recent visit to Gesine Bullock-Prado’s Sugar Glider Kitchen to learn from her baking mastery), I decided to write about the pleasure and nourishment, for both body and mind, that come from baking.  Read the full essay here.



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