4 Best Things (for me) on the Internet this Week

Browsing online can quickly become one of Barry Schwartz‘s experiments for the Paradox of Choice–there are so many excellent articles, videos, and sales that you become paralyzed and instead find yourself refreshing the same celebrity gossip site because it goes down so easy. So, so easy.

But, needless to say, this does us a disservice as there are myriad beautiful things to connect to online and the sheer magnitude of it all is no excuse for persistent catatonia. So today, for my weekly blogpost, I’ve decided to try and help you navigate the trenches of online wonder by offering you my top 4 internet experiences from the past week. I hope you enjoy–I certainly did!

  1. You can’t go wrong with mischievous pandas (plus my innovative publisher is synonymous with these yin-yang creatures of adorableness, so win-win)

2. I adore me some TwoBossyDames (sign up for their newsletter here). Dames Margaret and Sophie compile impeccable lists of the delightful, insightful, and feminist-driven work emerging from the online community in their weekly newsletter. One recent discovery: Erstwilder‘s whimsical jewelry line. For the fox (or owl, or dog, or cat)-lover in all of us. 


3. Jackie Foo is a writer–check out her captivating short stories and poetry here–but also one of the most positive writer-ly presences in the Twittersphere (and if you know the writer Twitterverse–which is brimming with support–then you know Ms. Foo is truly an exceptional presence of joy and encouragement). Slogging through another workday commute or a few hours (or days) of writer’s block? A simple click on Jackie’s feed will make you feel better. Seriously–just do it. You can thank me later.

Jackie Foo.png

4. As a developmental psychologist, I’ve encountered concerning research about the prolific exposure of young children (often unintentionally) to online pornography and the changes pornography ubiquity is having on the intimacy, or the lack thereof, in relationships (Bonus: If this topic interests you, then make sure to check out Peggy Orenstein’s new book, Girls & Sex, for an in-depth look at how the porn culture is shifting young women’s expectations for and acquiescence in their sexual lives). Aspects of my novel, A Flash of Red (coming Winter 2016), emerged from data examining the effects of pornography addiction on intimate relationships and partner satisfaction.

So, it was with a breath of relief and satisfaction that I read Spencer Kornhaber’s piece on the Sacredness of Sex and how this is displayed in Beyonce’s new album, Lemonade. Perhaps we’re heading back to a place where people will stop talking about ‘having sex’ all the time and instead express what it means to ‘make love’. And maybe, just maybe, intimacy will finally get its power back.





5 Reasons to Watch The Honorable Woman

Okay, if you haven’t seen this series yet, get to Netflix and watch it immediately. Or, better yet, wait until May 10 at 10am EST (get it, 10 at 10–getting all metric on you here) to Live Tweet it with me, #honorablewoman (we are going with the American spelling here, but for any Brits we welcome the superfluous ‘u’ as well).

A few reasons why you should devote precious time to it? Well. . .

  1. It’s a drama with a powerful female lead struggling with moral relativism, untold secrets, and a wish to reconcile Israel and Palestine. That’s right, Maggie Gyllenhaal has goals beyond her personal life, family, and/or wardrobe. How refreshing.
  2. Andrew Buchan, who keeps turning up like a lovely, well-polished penny in these dark family dramas on the BBC/SundanceTV, manages to occupy every end of the personality spectrum with a twitch of his ashy eyebrows. Understated, British, and oh-so-skillful.
  3. There’s a panic room, and it’s use as a dramatic device is brilliant.
  4. It passes the Bechdel Test, which, considering how many media pieces don’t, well. . let’s just say, ‘Thank goodness!’

5. It works your brain. I know sometimes you want to watch a show that is easily digestible, and then sometimes you want a show or film that makes you sit up, pay attention, and try to figure out what is real and what is just a diversion from the truth. This is that kind of show.

Hence why I’m live tweeting at 10AM (as opposed to PM)  tomorrow–people, you need to be well-caffeinated to keep up with this show!

Are you up for it? See you out there. . .