Mindsoak: Baking for Renewal

Mindsoak’s theme this month is renewal and, given my penchant for all things flour and pastry (and my recent visit to Gesine Bullock-Prado’s Sugar Glider Kitchen to learn from her baking mastery), I decided to write about the pleasure and nourishment, for both body and mind, that come from baking.  Read the full essay here.



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Mindsoak: Love Has No Expiration Date



As this month of love wraps up, I’m delighted to have another essay featured by the Mindsoak project. In it, I share my family’s journey to becoming a family–across years, continents, and lots and lots of adoption paperwork. I also explore our culture’s hesitation with adopting older children, and our fixation with adoption stories gone wrong–which, in fact, are quite rare. And, overall, I write about the power of love to teach and to heal, whether you are a child, an adult, or somewhere in between. Read the full post here.