Holiday Reading 2018

I’m more than a thriller writer–I’m a thriller reader, to the max it seems. My recent reading list has included a few novels outside the thriller genre, but for the most part I can’t seem to escape the pull of a taught, well-drawn thriller. Lucky for me, it seems, because the writing/reading world is full of expertly-crafted pulse-pounding stories this holiday season. Below are a few of my faves. Enjoy!

Also, huge thanks to my lovely local, Schlow Library, for making all of this reading possible.

The Wych Elm by Tana French. There is nothing better than French’s lyrical prose mixed with her edge-of-a-knife psychological profiling. Nothing.

Odd Child Out by Gilly Macmillan. I gobbled this book up, mile after mile while reading on my treadmill (which is where I manage to do most of my reading, believe it or not). Macmillan has a gift for keeping her writing tight without the complexity of her characters suffering. Similar to Fiona Barton, Macmillan’s novels are not just page-turners, but offer readers a tangible humanity on each and every page.


The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn. Crafted like a fine wine, this story just gets better the further you travel with Finn’s house-bound Anna. It takes the tropes of film noir and runs at an all-out sprint to a new finish line. Block out your evening, because this will you keep you reading late into the night.

Summer Round-Up

Students are making their way back to campus, and our small college town is overflowing with cars packed full of any and all dorm necessities. Which all translates to mean that Fall is almost upon us, as is Fall Semester at Penn State.

The summer went by in a blink, which is essentially how time seems to travel once you hit adulthood, no matter the season or the occasion. Below are a few highlights from my summer of writing, traveling, baking, and parenting. How was yours?

Some of my summer reading picks are below, but a few others I enjoyed that I didn’t snap pics include:

  • Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller
  • The Deepest Well by Nadine Burke Harris, M.D.
  • Popularity by Mitch Prinstein
  • In a Cottage in a Wood by Cass Green
  • The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle
Nova Scotia on my mind . . .
Prince Edward Island in all it’s beauty–Kindred spirits!!
Spending time with my besties #BakedInVermont
What, you haven’t read Gilly Macmillan yet? Go now, and get ALL her books. Seriously.
You’re never really done painting your deck, you’re just taking a break until the next spot needs a fresh coat.
Beautiful, beautiful book.