Mindsoak: Love Has No Expiration Date



As this month of love wraps up, I’m delighted to have another essay featured by the Mindsoak project. In it, I share my family’s journey to becoming a family–across years, continents, and lots and lots of adoption paperwork. I also explore our culture’s hesitation with adopting older children, and our fixation with adoption stories gone wrong–which, in fact, are quite rare. And, overall, I write about the power of love to teach and to heal, whether you are a child, an adult, or somewhere in between. Read the full post here.


That’s a Wrap: Launch Party Memories

This past Friday, I had the privilege of officially launching my debut novel, A Flash of Red, at Webster’s Bookstore and Cafe.  As an author, the entire evening was truly a dream come true. Below are some pictures of my wonderful evening sharing my book with family, friends, fans, and new readers.


Posing with a big poster of my beautiful cover–thank you Pandamoon Publishing!


Reading a passage for the audience. I was surprised with how nervous I was–I lecture twice a week in front of 200+ students, but sharing my writing out loud with an audience was a new experience.



My Mom came especially for the evening from Ohio. My late father, Stephen, is the namesake for my nom de plume. He was certainly there in spirit with us.


Answering questions afterwards. As nervous as I was to read onstage, the Q&A was exactly the opposite. I loved fielding questions from the audience–my daughter (who is caught at the bottom of the photo above) even asked a question 🙂

So many friends came out to support me–and some new readers too!


My buddies from our YMCA bootcamp class were there as well–what you can’t see is that our instructors, Josh and Vanessa, made us do planks afterwards 😉  Thanks for keeping me healthy and energized guys!!


In bed that night, I couldn’t fall asleep because I kept reliving the entire evening. It was perfect. Thank you to Elaine and everyone at Websters, thank you to my friends and family, and thank you to my readers. I’ll remember it always!