Boring is as Boring Does

This week, my blog post for the Mindsoak team examines the importance of allowing our children to experience boredom, and hopefully grow from it as a result. You can read the full post here.


Desperate for a quick primer on emotional regulation and impulse control (or just looking for a quick task to expose your kids to the wonders of developmental science)? This experiment is typically referred to as the Delay of Gratification task, but here it is simply called The Marshmallow Test. Enjoy!

Dear Celebrity Interviewer. . .


Have you heard? There’s a new F-word.

Thanks to Jon Filitti and the Mindsoak team for publishing the letter I wrote after reading one too many headlines blaming a female celebrity for being on the wrong side of this constructed taboo, which apparently is every side. Oh, and after my daughter referred to Google as a ‘Him’.

Here’s a little snippet below–want the whole thing? Check it out here, at Mindsoak headquarters.



Okay, so you guys have been reading these interviews with endless celebrities saying no, they aren't feminists. And sitting there, with no ironic intent whatsoever,...:

Image result for celebrity interviews are you a feminist

Image result for celebrity interviews are you a feminist