Resident Writers: Looking for Residencies?

As the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and new packets of loose leaf paper litter the lives of anyone with school-age children in their life, the renewal of the academic year also brings with its cycle new opportunities for writers.  Many of us hunker down for the winter months in our little writer dens, diligently working away in our typical writer-ly abodes.

Somewhere around February, though, most of us begin to pine for different and exotic locales to refresh our imaginations and our mental batteries.

Enter the Writer’s Residency.  Never heard of it?  There are multitudes available to writers, some paid and some offering educational programming and training during the residency.  Others offering meals and guaranteed extensions on “Do Not Disturb” signs outside your cabin door.  Some have applications fees, some don’t.  Some are for a week, some are for a month or several months.

Meaning, there’s a residency out there for every writer.

Many of them have applications opening in the Fall.

A few sites to check out:

  1. The Write Life’s listing is thorough and heterogeneous–tons of cool residencies for any type of writer looking for any type of respite.
  2. The Iowa Summer Writing Program is famous, and for good reason.  Applications are simple (essentially just a sample of your writing, as specified, and a cover sheet).
  3. What could be more stimulating for a writer than a coastal cottage in Scotland?

Happy writing–and applying!

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